The Baby Fairy the Miraculous Works of Samah Bensalem.

We have heard fairy tales, myths, legends from all parts of the world, stories of fairies, goddesses and bewildering creatures, blessing women in times of desperation, and granting them what they desire when they are seeking to be mothers. We have heard stories of such mythical creatures, bringing life to this earth, and then nurturing them, caring for them, protecting them, being their solace when they are in need, all throughout their lives. 

To a lot of us such tales are just that, simply fairy tales and stories told to comfort infants. However, to millions of mothers, fathers and children around the planet, today, this mythical “fairy godmother” is real. She is Samah Bensalem, the founder of Secrets of Tea. 

With her knowledge and her caring heart, she has helped millions of women around the world to get pregnant and achieve their dreams of becoming a mother. Likewise, just like a fairy godmother, she has provided care for these babies that were born with her magic, fairy dust, all throughout their lives. She has blessed the lives all these people who regard her as their miracle worker and thank her with never ending gratitude for her grace as she came into their lives. 

This angel of glory, Samah Bensalem, has the ability to cure just about any problem you may have with the flick of her wand and a sprinkle of her magic dust. However, we must know that although she may seem like a miraculous being who can help anyone at any time, in truth, she works tirelessly to make this happen as she, like all of us, is also a simple woman. This graceful goddess who has been the corner stone of many happy families around the world is actually a woman – but not just a woman. No, she is a woman who cares, cares with love and works with passion, with the fever, strength and effort of a mother as indeed, she herself is a mother. In fact, her transformation into a fairy godmother began when she first witnessed the suffering of her own baby. 

Desperate as any mother would be, when they see their darling infant in pain, Samah toiled and struggled to find a solution to stop her baby from crying in pain for a reason she could not pinpoint. Soon, she discovered that her bundle of joy was unable to feel joyful herself because she was suffering from a disease known as baby Colic. If one has had an encounter with a baby suffering with this illness, one would know that there is in fact no cure for this. One would also know that a parent being able to do nothing while their baby is wallowing helpless, in pain, is suffering with a sorrow far greater than any kind of sorrow imaginable. No matter how many methods and remedies she tried, Samah’s baby would not stop suffering. 

Samah did not deter, nevertheless. She persevered. She was determined to cure her baby at all costs. She derived most of her inspiration from her beloved grandmother, who raised her as a little girl, since she had lost both her parents. Her grandmother, Chiba Zari, had been a homeopathic doctor back in Samah’s home in Tunisia. Samah describes her grandmother as someone with loving eyes and a great knowledge on herbs. She recalls childhood memories of her dear grandmother’s old notebook full of notes about herbs and a beat-up old suitcase once again, full of herbs. These memories took her back to her childhood in Tunisia, where everyone looked to nature for cures. 

She began an intense search for a cure in nature and she finally found one- through her very own grandmother! She discovered an ancient family secret, a blend of tea which proved to be her greatest find yet. She discovered that not only was her baby’s colic getting cured in no time, but she was actually doing better than ever! She realized that this blend can heal all digestive problems and make a baby feel fresh and happy. Samah was amazed by her discovery, which was just within the palm of her hands all this time, being an age-old family recipe. 

Knowing the pain of a parent who is forced to watch his or her child in pain and not be able to do anything about it, she now aimed to save the world with her magic potion. The mother’s heart within her wanted to protect any baby who maybe suffering what her own baby did. At first, she decided she would simply give the tea to anyone who she came across with a baby suffering from colic — and to everyone who was blessed enough to come across her during this time, showed her the same results as her own baby did — happy, better babies and happy, better families. However, this was not enough for Samah. She wanted to help every single family with such a baby. 

To Watch more of Samah’s story check out the following videos- 

With this ache to spread this antidote around the world, she created her company, Secrets of Tea. By herself, with only $350 to invest in it, she began to put all her energy and effort into creating this company-a network which could easily reach parents and could help them in an instant by selling this magic potion as ‘Babies’ Magic tea’. This is how she became the world’s fairy godmother, sprinkling her fairy dust on all helpless families, giving them back their joy. 

The first few success stories of her product was all the momentum she needed to make the decision that she wanted be just like her grandmother but on a much more global scale. She recalled how her grandmother could cure just about anything with nature and wanted to put this to the test herself and spread its benefits to everyone in all four corners of the planet. She thought to herself that she would try to find a solution for any problem that could ever befall anyone — a baby, a mother, a father, a girl or a boy. So, she travelled back to Tunisia to learn more about her grandmother’s recipes and antidotes. 

She soon became a worker fairy, toiling day and night to find herbal solutions to any issue imaginable and indeed, she is a great example that reflects the sentiment that hard work never fails for if you look at her website for Secrets of Tea today, you will see that there truly is a solution to just about any problem-be it baby issues, to fertility issues, to weight issues to even insomnia! She truly became an angel for all, her magic fairy dust growing and developing in its ability to turn around the lives of millions of people, transforming their sorrows into joys. 

Samah’s dream of helping the world, although subject too much hardship, soon became a reality as many individuals started purchasing her insanely reasonably priced products through the Secret’s of Tea website and Amazon. She really was helping the world. Indeed, her most popular product has become the get Pregnant Fertility tea, which once again contains herbal ingredients she discovered herself that truly prompt the female body to become more fertile. This was an issue which she was especially concerned about solving as she knew how much happiness a baby can bring to a family that is so full of love and ready to give that love to a new life which they can call their own. 

Her other products include Male Fertility Tea, Weight Loss Tea for Men, Women and Mothers who had just given birth, Teas to treat PMS, Herbal Teas for specific symptoms, Classic Teas, Various Teas for babies, Teas for children and even Chocolate Tea. 

Secrets of Tea is now a household name and Samah Bensalem, every family’s fairy godmother. She rejoices at the fact that people are looking to Secrets of Tea to help their problems rather than relying on artificial and chemical heavy products which only provide short-term results. 

If any such person who does not use Secrets of Tea to help themselves, start today and let Samah Bensalem’s vision of helping everybody in the whole world reach you too.  

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