Treat Colic The Natural Way

Does your baby seem restless and irritated all the time? Does he/she cry all night long for no apparent reason? Although baby colic is a common problem in infants, it is extremely difficult for new parents to see their child in pain. However, there is nothing to worry really as it is a natural and harmless phenomenon.


Colic- The Whys And The Hows

Colic usually appears immediately after birth and continues to occur until the infant is about 3-4 months old. Medical experts believe that it does no apparent damage to the natural growth process of the baby and has no effects, whatsoever, on the weight gain and the feeding cycles.

Then, what exactly it is? Although the reasons behind the symptoms are largely unknown, it is believed that the wind is formed in the baby’s stomach because of indigestion. It is also believed that if the mother had been smoking during pregnancy, the baby is bound to be colic by nature. Some also believe that colic-like symptoms appear if the baby is allergic to formula milk or even mother’s milk. These conclusions are, however, hypothetical since none of them have any supporting evidence to prove them right.


Symptoms Of Colic

If the child is crying, despite having slept and fed well, the reason could be spasms caused by colic. Look out for the following symptoms, if you are still in doubt:

Fierce crying in bouts: The child's face has turned red while crying and the episodes recur every single day at the same time-generally during late afternoon or evening. The bouts may last for a few minutes to about an hour and start without any apparent reason.

Change in posture: The baby’s fists are clenched and the abdominal muscles are tensed. This is accompanied by bent knees and arched back.

Irregular feeding: Although feeding gets interrupted, the amount that the baby eats is not reduced.

Passing wind: While crying, the baby may be passing wind.


Treatment Of Colic

As a new parent, your first reaction would be either to call the doctor or administer medicine. Stop right there, if you are doing the latter, especially if it is an over-the-counter medicine. Medical experts believe that almost all of them have alcohol content, sweeteners, preservatives, and other chemicals, which is really bad for your baby’s health.

What to do in such cases? A traditional antidote might help, but judge if even that is safe for your baby. You can buy herbs over-the-counter and brew something to soothe the baby, but remember these herbs that you have bought are not approved and therefore unfit for baby’s consumption. Also, understand that these herbal recipes are not suitable for 1-day-old babies who have to be breastfed only. To top of it, they may have been banned in many parts of the world.

But, there is a solution for that too-a safe, certified, and organic way to help your baby.

Baby Colic Tea by the Secrets of Tea is pretty popular among new mothers. Made from organic super ingredients and brewed with a secret sanitization technology (the first-of-its-kind in the world) to maintain an optimum nutrient value, this tea is greatly effective in fighting digestive issues in infants, which might include colic, gas, and constipation. The best part is, it is also suitable for 1-day-olds too.

The main ingredients that the product is made of include organic Dill, organic and purified Florence Fennel and Iranian Cumin. So, choose health over hazard and bring a smile on your baby's face with this super tasty baby tea, and stop worrying about your baby’s health!

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