The Secrets Behind Our Natural Tea Blends

The foundation of Secrets of Tea began with a quest for a mom to find a remedy for her first child’s colic. After seeing firsthand how her grandmother’s age-old remedy worked wonders for her baby, she decided to bring it to the world.

That’s how the journey of Secrets Of Tea started with its first product, Babies’ Magic Tea. Slowly and gradually, the initial offering of Babies’ Magic Tea expanded to other natural tea blends for maternity, healthy nursing, post-birth weight loss, morning sickness, and stress-relieving.

Since then the product line for Secrets of Tea has been growing into various niches. But the essence of all the products has been to offer blends that have natural, organic and quality ingredients that are certified.


How we make Secrets Of Tea the best blend for moms and babies?


USDA Organic Certification By Control Union

It is one of the key certificates which differentiates us from the rest. We source the highest quality organic ingredients for our products. This means the ingredients used in our products have non-GM origins, don’t have traces of chemicals or pesticides and are grown in natural, non-artificial environs.

Our tea blends are absolutely safe for babies, understanding how sensitive newborns are. Our naturally vegan products offer to be harmless herbal remedies for various issues for newborns as well as new mothers for both post and pre-birth issues. Additionally, our tea blends have - No preservatives, No gluten, No natural flavors, No caffeine and are Halal and Kosher certified.


FDA approved

We offer FDA approved products which shows our sincerity for quality. We want to guarantee to the clients that our teas nothing but safe for newborns. You will be surprised to know that it is very rare for herbal teas to get FDA certification. But our natural and organic base is proof for both babies and mothers about the genuineness of Secrets Of Tea.


Secrets Of Tea Baby Tea Maternity Tea Herbal Tea

Tea cans certified BPA-free by Intertek

Most consumer goods coming in cans and bottles don't offer BPA free packaging. But we wanted to ensure that our customers stay away from any health issues related to BPA. Hence all our cans and packaging is BPA free to maintain the nutrition and health quotients of the ingredients and the tea blends. 


Unbleached premium quality tea bags

Most tea lovers don't know that before a standard tea bag reaches your tea cups it undergoes a bleaching process. Our tea bags, on the other hand, are completely unbleached and made from premium quality natural fibers that are biodegradable. Therefore, you need not worry about health issues after consuming a bleached tea bag. We don't believe in adding anything artificial to our blends even at smallest levels.  

No strings for baby teas

You won’t find any strings in our tea bags for babies. This has been done on purpose to make the blends for babies completely safe and hygienicThere are always chances of teas to get contaminated if the strings are attached in tea bags. Besides we follow a Secret Sanitization Technique for all our ingredients and want to keep the quality of our ingredients intact, hence we do not use strings.


Secret sanitization technique

We have skimmed through an age-old tradition to discover a secret sanitization technique which makes our teas safe for consumption by babies and mothers. Newborns are very sensitive to the food they intake. This makes it important to keep a strict tab on the ingredients, the preparation and the quality of the food especially for babies with a sensitive stomach. All our ingredients are 100% sanitized using this first-of-its-kind sanitization technique. We are the only tea manufacturers in the world to use such a technique.



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