Tea and Muscle Growth: A Match Made in Fitness Heaven

Every individual's body operates differently, embodying complex processes and mechanisms. This complex system could be understood if we familiarize ourselves with its fundamental operations. Certain individuals can easily pack on muscle despite their diet or training schedule, while others find it challenging to gain even a little muscle mass. Before rushing to the gym in your quest for muscle development, it's essential to understand the basics that facilitate muscle growth.

muscle growth

Effective nutrition and training regimens, productive muscle contractions, and the consumption of specific muscle-building minerals, such as those found in tea, trigger the release of anabolic hormones, promoting muscle hypertrophy. Incorporating age-old exercise methodologies and traditional beverages can significantly affect your muscle-building journey.

The Quality of Training

Muscle growth is largely dependent on the quality of strength training routines. Regularly conducting strength training sessions for all major muscle groups at least twice a week is beneficial. This not only boosts your strength but also lends a well-toned look, preventing you from appearing flabby post weight loss. This can be achieved through substantial strength training, swimming, Pilates, or yoga. Any activity that thoroughly engages your muscles and induces resistance contributes to muscle development.

muscle growth

Strength training comes with numerous benefits. For instance, as lean muscle mass increases, so does your metabolic rate, meaning your body burns more calories. For older adults, strength training could drastically enhance their quality of life. Maintaining muscular strength can be the deciding factor between independence and assisted living. However, muscle building isn't a walk in the park. Muscle mass begins to decline in your 30s, and between ages 35 and 50, an average individual can lose 5-7 pounds of muscle due to lack of use. Also, half of the weight loss during this period can result in muscle loss, which can be mitigated through a proper diet.

The Role of Nutrition

In addition to consuming essential vitamins and minerals found in vegetables, fruits, dairy products, and other foods, protein plays a crucial role in your muscle-building journey and overall health. An insufficient protein intake can impact muscle mass, strength, bone health, and immune functions. Consuming the right amount of protein at the right times can be beneficial for both weight loss and muscle gain. It's recommended that up to 35% of your caloric intake should come from protein (but avoid exceeding this limit).

muscle growth

So, how much protein is enough? Approximately 1.2-1.6 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight can help prevent bone and muscle loss. High protein foods include meat (pork tenderloin, lean veal cuts, lean beef cuts), skinless poultry, eggs, seafood, grains, and dairy products (low-fat cheeses, non-fat yogurt, and skim milk).

The Muscle-building Power of Tea

A study conducted at the Federal University of Santa Catarina in Brazil in 2008 suggests that tea enhances muscular strength. Tea is rich in polyphenols, compounds that mitigate inflammation and oxidative stress, prevent muscle breakdown, and improve bone mass and muscular strength. Therefore, any food high in anti-inflammatory compounds and antioxidants can potentially enhance muscle strength. Thus, incorporating any type of natural herbal tea or a Fusion Health product into your diet can help harness tea's anabolic benefits. A cup of tea 30 minutes before your resistance training could give you a boost.

muscle growth

The blend of tea and strength training could lead to an amplified increase in maximal strength. Strength training twice a week, performing cardio exercises, choosing to walk instead of drive, maintaining optimal protein intake, and drinking tea daily could aid in muscle growth while keeping your body lean and fit.

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