Smart ways to lose weight while breastfeeding

Many women are eager to get back to their pre-pregnancy weight and shape after childbirth. If you are going through the same phase, just remember that you are not alone. However, because your pregnancy weight was not gained in just one day, it won’t disappear as soon as you give birth either. Weight loss after pregnancy is something to think about carefully. You should also be realistic about the process of weight loss. Here are some answers to the most asked questions for mommies looking to shed their pregnancy weight.



How can I lose weight while breastfeeding?



Breastfeeding in itself is said to help burn up to 500-700 calories per day in order to fuel milk making. However, relying on this alone will not help you shed your baby weight. Things like diet and exercise are important but especially with a baby that you are nursing, you need to think carefully about how you would follow both these carefully. On average though, exclusively breastfeeding moms will see a loss of about 1-2 pounds per month. With time breastfeeding mothers will lose a lot more weight than mothers who do not.



When can I get started on losing weight?



Hold up new mommy!!! While we know that you really need to get back into your pre-pregnancy weight, you are recommended to wait at least for 6-8 weeks postpartum to start losing weight. You have just been through perhaps the most grueling physical pain and strain is known to mankind and your body needs to recover from it first, not to mention, you also need to have a good supply of milk for the baby. Many mothers will lose weight in the early months by following a well-balanced dieting system.






 Are there any recommended guidelines for postpartum weight loss?



It is recommended that breastfeeding mothers should consume at least 1800 calories every day. If followed correctly, you can safely lose around 1Lb per week. Your goal should be to maintain a diet that includes a lot of fruits and vegetables and not really focuses on junk food or heavy carbohydrates. If it still feels like 1800 calories are still too much to eat per day, we recommend that you pair this with exercises to help weight loss in a healthy manner. Before exercising, consult your doctor. If you have been cleared for physical activity start with cardio activities like a brisk walk or a jog or even join Pilates and get some workout sessions going at the gym. Exercise has not shown any negative impact on the production or taste of breast milk.



Is it safe to eat a low carb diet?



Yes, but there are restrictions. Something low carb like the Atkins or Paleo diet is fine with breastfeeding as you will be eating a lot of fruits, vegetables and proteins. Therefore all the right nutrients that you and your baby need will still be present in the diet. Removing carbs like pasta, rice, bread, sugary snacks and junk food has proven really effective for many mothers. This is because, carbs tend to aggravate hunger and will lead to eating more, and the same goes for sugary snacks too. That said, carbohydrates fuel your energy so do eat a little portion of carbs a day at least. Speak with your doctor and get the right diet plan that is safe and effective.






There are loads of healthy and smart ways in which you can lose weight after pregnancy and crash course diets, starving yourself or working out excessively are not included in any of them. Stay patient and with time and effort, your body will regain its chemical balance and begin to shed the weight as you eat healthy and work out consistently.



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