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With the influx of various herbal teas and remedies for women, there are varieties of options available that help women in all aspects of childbearing and rearing.

Secrets of Tea have developed a variety of herbal tea remedies designed for the pregnant, prepartum, and postpartum woman. These teas are formulated with special herbal formulas that seek to add the much-needed nutrients to the body, leading to all-round development.

Why Pregnancy Tea?

Over centuries, the need for womb healing teas has been used as a natural remedy for conceiving due to natural healing properties that make the womb receptive towards childbearing. The pregnancy teas target the reproductive system, warming it up and creating room for conception. This is highly beneficial to women and gives them a chance to bear children.

Secrets of Tea products are FDA approved, USDA certified, and have no additional preservatives or chemicals. The products are also Halal and Kosher observant and contain no gluten, caffeine or GMO products. The natural herbal remedies ensure the products are 100% safe for users of all backgrounds. This makes their products suitable for all users irrespective of their age or dietary preferences.

The exceptional properties in each Secrets of Tea pack offer immeasurable results and are designed for the mother who requires a fast and efficient boost to her fertility needs. Consistent and timely intake of these teas will incorporate beneficial nutrients into the body, which open up avenues for pregnancy.

These teas offer all rounded benefits in the body, leading to an overall healthy lifestyle. The nutrients boost cell development and increase energy to the mother’s and child’s body, thereby resulting to happy, healthy relationships. The beneficial teas are classified into the following groups, each with extensive benefits to both the mother, father, and child:

Fertility Teas

Fertility teas seek to maintain the right balance in a woman's body by regulating the cycle, and balancing the hormones, creating a conducive environment.

Secrets of Tea fertility teas are specially crafted with rich organic ingredients for both men and women. The natural organic components aim to support the reproductive system and enhance fertility.

These teas are best for PCOS and fertility issues that otherwise hinder the woman from conceiving, all the way from implantation to a viable pregnancy. Stress also plays a major role in reducing fertility, and therefore, the teas are designed to soothe and calm the body. Each tea pack contains twenty biodegradable sachets, which can provide up to forty cups of organic tea.

The Get Pregnant Fertility Tea comes in a variety of flavors designed to create diversity for the user. Women who long for a more natural taste can try out the Get Pregnant Fertility Green tea, which contains the required antioxidants and polyphenols required to enhance fertility through prompting regular ovulation cycles. Green tea has also been noted to regulate hormones by creating a favorable balance. The additional benefits of green tea are a welcome component in the body as it seeks to reduce inflammation and prevent various contracting illnesses.

There are several flavors available for a more refined and flavorful taste, which include ginger, peppermint, cinnamon, and fruity flavors. These flavors add richness in taste and are equally beneficial to the body by adding unique benefits necessary for fertility.

Fertility is an all-rounded concern and isn't entirely focused on women. Men, too, can acquire the benefits of fertility teas, especially when having problems during conception. Male Fertility tea has been specially designed to naturally assist the male reproductive system by increasing the sperm count otherwise caused by dietary or lifestyle changes. Regular intake of this tea greatly enhances the number of sperms produced by the male body, which heightens the levels of successful implantation. The tea also increases the forward mobility of the sperm, increasing the viability percentage to reachable heights.

Prenatal daily vitamins are a great additional supplement for use before, during, and after pregnancy. These vitamins provide the necessary vitamins for a healthy and stable pregnancy by guaranteeing all the necessary nutrients for a healthy mother and baby. These vitamins are soft gels that are easily digestible and taken with a meal. A pack of these prenatal vitamins can last for sixty days. The Secrets of Tea have designed a special formula aimed at maintaining healthy nervous and immune systems and functioning bone structure.

Maternity Teas

Maternity teas are for use during pregnancy and postpartum to help the mother handle the conditions that come with childbirth. For instance, most women deal with severe morning sickness during the first and second trimester, worsening during the third trimester for some. This may be very uncomfortable and stress the mother due to nausea, which can occur at any time of the day.

Morning sickness seeks to prevent the mother from eating or drinking anything, therefore hindering the child's growth. However, Secrets of Tea have derived a unique formula aimed to calm the stomach and make the mother stress free from feeling its effects.

The No to Morning Sickness tea is specifically designed to handle morning sickness bouts and leave the mother feeling calm and free from nausea and vomiting. This tea contains forty servings and can last a while, giving value for money. There are various flavors available from peach and ginger, fruits, blood orange, and plain ginger. These flavors offer versatility and a rich taste to the teas.

The struggle for sleep common in mothers during and after pregnancy is often characterized by the body's changes and anxiety worries. This makes the mother experience insomnia, which might affect her and the baby's health.

The Get Sleepy tea comprises soothing and relaxing herbal blends of Chamomile and Lavender, which promote better sleep and relaxation in mothers. It’s amazing and cool taste refreshes the body and is suitable for breastfeeding mothers. The lack of preservatives or additives ensures it is safe for the baby and mother.

The anxiety and stress of impending labor may affect the mother, making her stressed and hesitant to go through the entire process. The Get Ready for Labor tea in sweet peach flavor aims to ensure the mother is well prepared for labor by releasing essential nutrients to the body. This tea also has medicinal properties that ensure effective results. The tea can be served both hot or cold and is used from the second to the third trimester.

The entire pregnancy process and giving birth can take their toll on the mother's body. The prevalence of pre and postpartum depression can change the mother's childbearing instincts, making her feel terrible. The Relaxing Mama Pre and Post Natal tea is a natural stress reliever and a common fan favorite. This tea relaxes the mother during and after pregnancy, making her get much-needed relaxation to efficiently care for her child. The organic and sanitized ingredients calm down the mother, making her more prepared to handle her infant.

Postpartum Teas

After delivery, what next? Most mothers often want to regain their initial body back while taking adequate care of their child. This is normal and expected, however difficult to achieve with an infant begging for every time you have.

The Mummy Magic tea series is specifically designed for mothers who want to get their groove back.  This weight loss tea comes in various flavors, ranging from cinnamon, peppermint, ginger, peach, and green tea with Moringa. Each pack contains up to forty servings of tea.

The Mummy Magic tea enhances the body's metabolism to regain back the initial pre-pregnancy body shape. The increased metabolism increases digestion and energy levels and enables faster absorption of nutrients into the body. As a result, breast milk quality and quantity are prompted, leading to additional benefits to the baby.

The Healthy Nursing Lactation Tea is also a postpartum tea that helps in lactation by increasing milk production and supply. The quality of milk is also greatly improved. This tea has organic properties designed to soothe the mother, promoting her to produce more milk. The lactation tea comes in two distinct flavors, lemongrass, and fruity flavors.

The Postpartum Recovery tea ensures the mother naturally recovers from pregnancy and childbirth. This can cause a strain on the body, and having a beneficial organic blend to reduce inflammation and prompt tissue repair is vital. This tea also adds energy and strength to the mother to tend to their infant without feeling extra fatigue and soreness.

Secrets of Tea also have a Baby Tea collection, which consists of organic tea for colic, teething, constipation, sleeping, and magic tea packs. These products have specially curated formulas that are endearing for babies, and help them navigate the bodily changes at every stage.

Secrets of Tea guarantees maximum satisfaction of all their products. Clients are encouraged to reach out to get 100% value for what they paid for in case of anything. The above pregnancy teas are suitable for mothers who want a pregnancy opportunity. With no side effects and after taste, these pregnancy teas will revolutionize the body, making the pregnancy journey memorable.

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