Postpartum Weight Loss: Tips To Lose Baby Weight After Pregnancy

Young mothers and women who have delivered children can often feel a sense of bloating, adjustment issues with the birth of a child, pain and bleeding, right after they have given birth. This, however, should never act as a deterrent for you to begin your post-baby weight loss regimen. Not only is this important for you if you intend to get pregnant again, but also to maintain a healthy lifestyle for you and your child.


Reasons for postpartum weight gain

Most young mothers gain postpartum weight on account of the placenta, breast tissue which has swollen at the time of pregnancy, enlarged uteruses, fat stores and blood, and amniotic fluids. This puts the mother and the child at risk of diabetes and heart disease, risks in other pregnancies, and other gestational diabetes.


Tips for losing postpartum weight

Follow these measures to help you lose postpartum weight properly.

  1. No crash dieting

Crash dieting is a fad that needs to be cancelled. No woman, let alone one that has recently given birth, should starve her body at regular intervals. This periodic stopping and overwhelming of the digestive system can be detrimental to the health of the baby, and no actual weight will be lost.

Crash dieting may help in losing weight immediately, but when a normal diet is resumed, all the weight is gained back.


  1. Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is a choice that each mother can make for herself. It is a highly beneficial practice, as it boosts the immune system of the child, reduces the size of the uterus which is enlarged, lowers the risk of contracting lung or respiratory diseases in children and mothers alike.


  1. Light exercising

Light exercising refers to jogging, walking, cycling, yoga or other mild cardio activities. The aim of this type of exercise is to get the body up and running, and to get the blood pumping through your veins. Cardio and light exercising shows best results when paired with systematic dieting, counting calories, and consumption of healthy food.


  1. Healthy snacking

No new mother can resist the temptation to snack according to her personal cravings. It is possible, though, to streamline these cravings, and give the body what it needs. Snacking on fruits, raw vegetables, and dry fruits is a healthier coping mechanism than eating unhealthy!

For an extra crunch in your diet, pick low-fat dressings to dress your salads, or sprinkle some spices onto your fruits to make them lip-smacking!


  1. Supplemental help

Sometimes, a little bit of outside help can be that final push in your weight loss journey. For the weight that is hard to get rid of, Secrets of Tea offers Mummy Magic Weight Loss Tea which is developed for young and new mothers to lose their baby weight. This tea comes in various flavours, ranging from cinnamon, peppermint, peach, ginger, fruits, etc. and are all caffeine free! The Secrets of Tea products are certified organic, gluten-free, FDA approved, contain no sugar or preservatives, which can possibly harm a new mother.


The ingredients put into the tea are sanitized using a secret sanitization technique, which makes this product safe for mothers who are breastfeeding. All nutrients that go into the mother's body are assimilated to her baby as well. Unlike weight loss pills that are highly unsafe, this is a first-of-its-kind product, which is 100% safe for new mother and their babies. 


Remember to order your Secret of Teas Mummy Magic Weight Loss Tea, and incorporate it into your daily workout regimen for the best results!

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