Newborn Teething Process – Issues And Remedies

The first sign of any new development in your newborn baby is a big event in your life. One such significant development is teething. It is a wonderful feeling to see your baby’s first teeth grow. However, the process of teething can become a little uncomfortable for your child. You might not be able to avoid it, but having knowledge about the teething issues and how you may ease it for your baby will definitely help your child to get through. 

For babies, teething starts between 6 - 12 months. During this process, the emergence of the first few teeth cutting through the gum occurs. This brings a lot of pain and discomfort for the baby. Babies turn a little fussy and become irritable due to the swelling and soreness in the gums. Every newborn may have a different experience in the process. Usually, the discomfort may last for four to six days until the tip of the tooth comes out of the gums.

Some of the common issues newborns face during the teething process are:

Excessive drooling: During the teething process babies might drool a lot as they tend to put everything in their mouth.
Mild fever: The newborn may suffer from mild fever during the process.
- Excessive chewing and biting: During the eruption of teeth through the gums, there is a lot of pressure on the gums. To combat the pain, a baby may bite and chew everything.
- Less interest in food items: As your baby’s gums are painful, he might tend to avoid food items which require chewing and sucking.


Remedies to soothe and combat your baby’s teething issues 

It is really heartbreaking to see your child in pain. There is an endless list of products that promise to relieve your child from teething pain, but you should know what is best for your child. Recommended is, always go for natural and herbal remedies that have no side effect on the natal stage of your child.

Make use of organic products like Secrets of Tea – Baby Teething Magic Tea which is caffeine free. It's organic and sanitized ingredients like Rosehip, Chamomile Flowers, Catnip, Lavender Flowers, Cloves, Rooibos will relieve your newborn from all the pain and suffering during the teething process.

Rosehip is one of the most trusted remedies for baby's teething pain. Its benefits are known for centuries. Rosehip contains all the essential vitamins and ingredients that have anti-inflammatory properties. It is a great agent for pain relief as compared to pharmaceutical drugs and medication. 

Another ingredient for soothing baby's teething issues is Chamomile flowers. Chamomile and Catnip possess properties that help in calming and relaxing the nerves. During the teething process, it helps to soothe baby's swollen gums.

Clove helps to numb and warm the gums and hence is very effective in reducing the pain. Use of Lavender flower also helps to relax a baby and promotes sleep with its sedative properties.

These are some of the herbal ingredients of Baby Teething Magic Tea that will help your baby get relief from the pain during the teething process. Healing properties of these ingredients will help your baby to combat teething issues in very less time.

Baby Teething Remedy Pain Relief

Baby teas product line from Secrets Of Tea is the only sanitized tea collection available for newborn babies. Unlike other teething medicines, this tea doesn't put your baby's health at risk since all the ingredients are sanitized using a secret sanitization technique.

Only the highest quality organic products certified by USDA Organic are used in the tea. The tea contains absolutely no chemicals, sugar, alcohol, caffeine, or preservatives.  Consumption of this tea is a natural way of soothing teething pain, swelling, and irritability.  It also helps with the digestive issues caused by teething. It will surely come in handy in making the teething process enjoyable for you as well as your baby.

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