Infertility In Women: The Reasons and Natural Remedies

Getting pregnant is one of the most blessed moments in a woman's life. Pregnancy is a phase that completely transforms the life of a woman. But it is also true that the infertility rates in women have increased because of stress and other lifestyle issues.

Even if you are healthy and your periods are regular, chances are that you might suffer from infertility. If you have been trying to conceive and there is no success, there might be a reason behind it.


The possible reasons for infertility

If you are not ovulating, there may be problems with fertility. Anovulation can be caused by various reasons like thyroid dysfunction, excessive exercise, primary ovarian insufficiency, PCOS or being underweight or overweight. Even if you have irregular periods, it can cause a problem of infertility. Another possible reason could be Hyperprolactinemia.

Age-related infertility is the biggest reason. Most women try to conceive after the age of thirty or thirty-five, which can affect egg equality. In fact, the risk of infertility increases after the age of 35. If you are not able to conceive for a long time, then your fallopian tubes could be blocked. A fertility test is recommended to know about blockage of the fallopian tube.

Are you aware that underlying medical conditions also cause the problem of infertility in women? Thyroid imbalance or undiagnosed diabetes can cause infertility. Stress and depression are two important reasons why you are not able to conceive. Prolonged stress can lessen your chances of getting pregnant and reduce your fertility count.


Increasing your fertility naturally

There are medications and treatments that can increase your chances of conceiving. But, these treatments are not completely safe. In fact, some fertility treatments can also cause side effects on your body. It is always advisable to adopt natural and safe methods for conceiving.

You can go the all-natural way to increase your fertility rate. You can have natural foods like berries, green veggies, seaweed and salmon to increase fertility. You can cut down on carbs and increase your fiber intake. Choose high-fat dairy products and completely avoid trans fat.


Herb-based teas can enhance fertility

Do you know organic, herb-based teas can help to increase your fertility and improve the hormonal imbalance in the body? Get Pregnant Fertility Tea by Secrets Of Tea is a herbal tea that can help to increase your fertility in a natural way.

The tea has a unique blend of organic herbs and ingredients like honey-bush, chasteberry (vitex), red raspberry leaf, ladies mantle, nettle leaf, stevia leaf, peppermint leaf, and passion flower that can help to support your reproductive system and aid fertility health. It helps to prepare your body for pregnancy so that you are able to conceive. The tea has no artificial preservatives, no natural flavors and it’s gluten-free. It’s available in ginger, peppermint, green tea, cinnamon, and fruits flavor.


From age, biology to genetics everything can affect your ability to conceive. Lifestyle factors do affect fertility. Just follow a healthy diet plan along with exercise.

Natural ways to conceive can give you good results as compared to medications and treatments. Stay off stress, as it's the biggest factor for infertility. Maintain a healthy weight and sleep well. A change in lifestyle and diet will increase your chances of getting pregnant.


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