Healthy Nursing Tea For Lactating Mothers

The sense of fulfillment and emotional connect that mothers feel when they breast-feed is incomparable.  However, many mothers often have to resort to using breast pumps for breastfeeding which is often a tedious task.

If you are new to breastfeeding and have difficulty in producing milk, you don't have to worry. Low milk production is caused by the side effects of medicines, stress, and certain medical conditions. But, you can always boost lactation with a good diet and herbal teas. That’s right - Secrets Of Tea offers 100% organic Healthy Nursing Tea in six flavors to increase your lactation naturally. The tea is certified by USDA Organic, FDA approved and completely vegan.

The Secrets Of Tea blends have natural herbs that help in nursing issues and lactation. You'll get positive results by just having two cups of tea daily. Healthy Nursing Tea comes in – Lemongrass, Vanilla, Lemon Ginger, Ginger, Fruits, and Cinnamon flavors with the following key ingredients:-


  • Chamomile

Chamomile is considered as a galactagogue herb which increases breast milk supply in nursing moms. It helps to calm the nerves of the new mom and relieve digestive issues. Chamomile helps both mom and baby. Chamomile can also help to ease baby's colic and cold.

  • Rooibos

Rooibos contains natural antioxidants that help prevent free radical damage and diseases. It has antispasmodic qualities that help to ease colic and stomach cramps in babies. The benefits of this herb pass through breastfeeding.

The herb is soothing on the nervous system, thus it leaves a calming effect on the baby. The herb is caffeine-free and it helps to increase the natural breast milk supply of nursing moms. Not only breastfeeding, but the herb is also effective to ease post-pregnancy symptoms in women.

  • Lemon Verbena

Lemon verbena is truly beneficial for new mothers as well as mothers who breastfeed their babies. It has natural galactagogue properties that help to increase the breast milk supply. Lemon verbena has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that help babies to remain healthy and free of infections.

It also helps to ease digestive issues and colic of babies. Infused with the goodness of antioxidants, the herb is indeed a blessing for all the lactating mothers. It is widely used as a natural ingredient in herbal concoction and teas.

  • Red Raspberry Leaves

Apart from pregnancy benefits, red raspberry leaves also have postpartum benefits. It has natural properties that can help to increase breast milk supply in nursing mothers after pregnancy. The herb also helps the uterus return to pre-pregnancy size. It reduces postpartum depression that is common in most women after giving birth.

It helps to calm the nerves when consumed naturally. Red raspberry leaves decrease the post-birth bleeding and regulate the normal menstrual cycle after birth. It is also rich in vitamin B, E and C. The intake of vitamins can benefit the baby as well.

  • Nettle Leaves

Being a galactagogue, it stimulates milk production and helps increase the milk supply of nursing moms. The herb is also rich in iron and other important nutrients. The benefits of the herb can be passed on to the baby while breastfeeding. The herb is effective in relieving gastric and indigestion problems as well.

The herb is effective to cure urinary issues in women after childbirth. Mixed with other herbs, it can be taken as a tea or concoction. It makes up for a great taste. A nettle leaf is also known as stinging nettle.

  • Milk Thistle

Milk thistle dates back to centuries for breastfeeding benefits. It is believed that the white veins in the milk thistle plant represent the breast milk of women. In fact, it’s also known as the breastfeeding herb or plant. It has natural galactagogue properties that help to increase the breast milk supply in nursing mothers.

Milk thistle is also known as St. Mary's thistle. It is also believed that there are plant estrogens found in the herb that help to increase the breast milk supply of women. It also helps women who have a problem with milk production. It increases the quantity of milk supply naturally.

  • Fennel Seeds

Fennel is also rich in galactagogue properties that help to increase the breast milk supply in nursing mothers. In fact, the herb was earlier used as an herbal treatment for breastfeeding problems. It also has estrogen properties that help to increase the breast milk supply.

Fennel promotes healthy digestion in mother and baby both. It helps to ease the colic issue of the baby. It helps to ease menstrual issues that are mostly caused after childbirth. The herb is also effective in treating postpartum issues.

  • Blessed Thistle

Blessed Thistle is a galactagogue herb and that helps to stimulate lactation naturally. It helps to increase prolactin that boosts the normal milk supply of lactating mothers. It also helps to increase oxytocin that helps to enable the release of milk from the nipples. Most new mothers face this problem so blessed thistle helps in releasing milk in a natural way.

Blessed thistle promotes lactation in a great way and it helps to relieve digestive issues as well. The herb also has antibacterial and antifungal properties that prevent diseases, the benefit of which is passed on to babies through breastfeeding.

  • Anise Seeds

Anise seeds contain Phytoestrogen that contains estrogen-like properties. It helps to increase breast milk supply and quantity of breast milk in nursing moms. Anise seeds help to relieve digestive issues that benefit both the mom and the baby.

It also helps to cure menstrual problems in women after childbirth. It's effective in regulating the normal menstrual cycle of women after birth. It naturally stimulates breast milk production. Anise seeds are also known as aniseeds.

  • Ginger

Ginger is a traditional herb that is used to cure digestive issues in the body. Ginger helps to cure digestive issues during lactation as well.  It has natural galactagogue properties that help to stimulate the breast milk supply in nursing moms.

Ginger can also change the flavor of your breast milk at times and some babies like the flavor of ginger. Ginger also cures inflammation and nausea in women after birth. Ginger is also effective to cure postpartum issues.

Each of these ingredients is sanitized using a secret sanitization technique to ensure the benefits of these herbs stay intact.


Nursing With Herbs

Low milk production is often caused by an ineffective latch or not nursing enough. Breastfeeding is a healthy way to feed your little one. Mother's milk is the key to prevent the risk of various diseases at the later stages of life.

Breast milk is important for a baby as it provides all the essential nutrients and minerals which is why the supply of breast milk shouldn’t fall. Herbs are indeed beneficial for lactating moms as they naturally increase milk production. Healthy Nursing Tea from Secrets of Tea is being used by over millions of women across the world to ensure ‘healthier’ breast milk production.


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