Do I have a gassy baby?

Three out of four babies suffer from recurring painful infant gas. Learn how to spot a fussy and/or gassy baby.


Babies’ immature digestive systems produce gas bubbles which can often cause discomfort, leading to crankiness, crying and colic. Babies suffering from infant gas will pull their legs up while lying in a curled position in an effort to relieve the discomfort and painful gas they feel. Try Babies’ Magic Tea for a safe and all natural herbal tea gas solution, to turn your gassy and cranky baby into a happy and playful one.

Here are the top 5 common signs for spotting infant gas.

  • Your baby is crying even though you’ve already changed and fed her.
  • Your baby has a hard time burping or spits up a lot after a meal or even when resting.
  • Your baby is kicking/pumping her legs as if trying to force something out.
  • Your baby’s belly looks bloated or full (distended).
  • You’ve tried more than one bottle/nipple type, with no results.

*Please note: if you are unsure – or if your baby has a fever – it could be something more serious than gas, so talk to your healthcare professional immediately.

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