Covid 19 and Breastfeeding

Breastmilk is all that a new-born infant has, to rely on when they are born. They cannot consume anything else. Further, breastfeeding reduced morbidity and mortality for both the new-born and the mother. However, the globe is still at a position where everyone is terrified of the Covid 19 pandemic and therefore, what could this possibly mean for mothers who are breastfeeding? 

Firstly, it is important to keep in mind that there is absolutely no reason to panic. Nothing is as bad as it seems and there is always a solution. The best thing you could possibly do for yourself, and your new-born baby is to stay calm, positive, and happy. There is an easy way to achieve this and especially, if you are a lactating mother, Secrets of Tea has just the tool for you to not only support your body while you breastfeed but also to help you stay calm and stress free while doing so in the midst of what seems like a never ending, global pandemic. Healthy Nursing Tea will keep your refreshed and give you a peace of mind during these troubled times while also helping you increase your ability to lactate. 

While this is certainly intriguing, first, to consume this tea and breastfeed the right way, you must be aware of the precautions you need to take, especially is you are not yet vaccinated. 

Quarantine and isolation 

Firstly, it is important to keep in mind that a close relationship between a mother and a new-born baby is extremely important for the development and wellbeing of the child. Therefore, it is fully recommended that the mother remain with the baby at all times 

Many authorities and experts advice that you isolate and quarantine with your baby. This maybe either in a hospital room soon after giving birth, for a prescribed period of time or at home for such an amount of time. 

Evidence at present seems to indicate that the risk of an infant contracting Covid 19 form a mother is very low. However, there has been evidence to show that the virus may be transferred to the baby through infectious respiratory secretions. However, if you are at no risk of getting covid, there is no need of worry.

It is extremely important, nevertheless, that you stay away from as many people as possible while also keeping your baby – who, being an infant is in extreme danger of getting infected. It is vital that your or your baby should not encounter anyone who might even be in risk of having contracted the coronavirus as we all know the extreme contagiousness of the virus. 

Many authorities and experts have suggested the usual precautions while you remain in isolation with your baby. That is, 

  • Washing your hands with soap and water before touching the baby and before you feed the baby. 
  • Constantly sanitise any bottles or breast pumps used. 
  • Wear a mask every time you step out of the isolation area
  • Remain 6 feet way from everyone when you leave your isolation area (and make sure to keep the baby far away too) 

If there is another caregiver in isolation with you and the baby, perhaps the farther or such a close figure, they too are required to follow the same steps and it has also been advised that is there is more than one caregiver including the mother present, it is advised that they both wear masks and do their best to remain as far apart as possible, especially if one leaves the location of isolation more frequently. 

Mothers who feel that they have been in risk of contracting Covid 19 

Again, the biggest answer is of course, quarantine and isolation. If you are worried about your baby, it might of a consolation to know that evidence has shown that the risk of the baby contracting the virus is almost zero if the mother and the baby quarantine in separate rooms. However, you must take into consideration how important it is or an infant to be with its mother during its first days in the world. 

Therefore, there are a few factors which you might like to note if you are only ‘at risk’ of having contracted the virus or is you simply suspect it. You do not need to isolate yourself from your baby if- 

  • 10- 20 days have passed since you showed any symptoms of covid. 
  • Its been more than 24 hours since any fevers have passes 
  • If any other symptoms have subsided

If none of the above criteria has been met, however, it would be extremely impossible to avoid isolation from your baby. Further, experts have claimed that your baby will not be completely free of the risk of contracting covid 19 when he or she meets you after the regulated quarantine period is over. Further, more severe separation may be necessary for babies who are more susceptible to other illnesses as well. 

Other Precautions while breastfeeding, expressing milk or bottlefeeding to protect your baby 

  • Children younger than two years are still developing their organs and systems and therefore are at a risk of being suffocated. Hence, it is advised that you do not out a mask on a child younger than two years such as your newborn. 
  • Exposure is the main culprit of covid spreading and in order to minimize this, breastfeeding mothers are advised to take measures such as social distancing and constant hand washing with soap before breastfeeding, expressing milk or feeding from a bottle. This also means you can wear a mask around the baby while in close contact such as while breastfeeding or comforting.

For about a month and a half after giving birth, new mothers are also highly susceptible to illness, especially one as robust as Covid 19. Therefore, it is highly advised that such a mother consult a professional to understand what precautions to take to maintain her safety. 

One great service during such a time would of course be the Healthy Nursing Tea by Secrets of Tea. Taking this tea would make sure that your ability to breastfeed would not be hindered by any outside factors and will allow you to continue to nurse your baby worry-free. 

Lactation Services 

In a world where communications are so vast, a mother in need, need to lie in sorrow if she is by any chance unable to lactate and nurse her child. There are some instances when a mother maybe unable to do so. This would not be an obstacle for the baby to receive the nutrition it needs as there are a number of organizations which allow lactating women to donate any excess breastmilk which can then be used by mothers in need of breastmilk to feed their babies. Hearts Milk Bank (HMB) is such an organization. Find more information on 

Healthy Nursing Tea as a Solace 

This brew has been created with ingredients that will specially stimulate the body of a mother who has just given birth so that she may produce milk for her baby while remaining healthy. 

Before getting into its miraculous ingredients, it is important to know that this product, just like all products from secrets of tea is completely organic and vegan. This means it shall never be of any harm to any mother and thereby will not harm the baby she is feeding at all. It only contains nature’s goodness, which indeed, is the best cure for anything! Further, it is also completely halal and kosher, certifying that it truly is for anyone! Additionally, all the ingredients included in the brew are sanitised to ensure your safety. 

When considering its ingredients, it is even more shocking at how much healthier the world’s healthiest kind of tea for lactating mother is. 

  • Chamomile – Chamomile is an ingredient held in high regard by mothers who are breastfeeding because of its anti- inflammatory and of course, galactagogue properties. It actively helps increase the flow of milk so that you may nurse your baby in the best way. Additionally, chamomile is known for its anti-depressant and anti-anxiety qualities which are especially useful qualities at a time such as this. 
  • Milk Thistle – this is another blessed ingredient which has the ability to stimulate your body to produce more milk. It is known for increasing the amount of mil produced by nursing mothers, even when the frequency of breastfeeding is high. 
  • Ginger – Ginger is another very popular ingredient amongst mothers who breastfeed. It too has great galactagogue properties while also being extremely useful for your body and its muscles. 
  • Similar ingredients with astounding abilities to increase the volume and flow of breast milk include, Raspberry leaves, Nettle leaf, Fennel Seeds and Hibiscus. 
  • Other ingredients present in the brew are rooibos and lemongrass. Rooibos presents a perfect substitute for caffeinated black or green tea and thereby provides you with a tea that is caffeine free! 

This tea is the perfect solution to increase the volume of milk you are producing as a mother who has just given birth and is trying to feed their baby in the middle of a pandemic. This will help you even if you want to feed your own baby and perhaps also donate milk to organisations such as HMB. 


Do not forget, that the closest thing to immunity towards the coronavirus we have today is the vaccine, therefore, especially if you are a new mother who is not yet vaccinated and is in risk of infection, remember to get your vaccine at your earliest convenience! 

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