Can there be a new generation after Covid-19? The Coronavirus, The Vaccine and Human Fertility.

Can there be a new generation after Covid-19? The Coronavirus, The Vaccine and Human Fertility.

While a year ago the entire world was struggling without a cure for the terrible pandemic, this year we are a little bit more fortunate, having had the technology and expertise that could come up with a counter- response which can battle this plaguing illness. This is none other than the now widespread Covid Vaccine of course.  

 The Vaccine


The Vaccine has been produced by many brands, the most popular ones including Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Sinopharm. They come from counties ranging from the US all the way to China. While there are millions who have not yet received this vaccine, which is seen popularly as a saviour which will deliver us from this treacherous state we are in, there are millions more who have already received not just the first dose of a particular brand but also the second one and are now looking forward to obtaining the third – or more popularly called, the ‘booster’- dose. 

  • How does the Covid Vaccine Work? 

The coronavirus, which is the particle of the virus Covid-19, named after its circular shape, come with spikes of protein, much like many other viruses. These proteins can bond with the cells in your body and transfer the genetic material to the cells of your body, causing it to be ill with the disease. 

In a healthy body, once there is such alien matter in your cells, it recognises that they may be harmful to your body and forms substances known as anti-bodies to fight against them. This becomes very difficult task when the foreign matter which has infiltrated your body is brand new and is unrecognisable. This is exactly what the vaccine hopes to battle. It familiarises your cells to the alien material of the coronavirus and provides it the information needed – the structure of the spiked proteins- to battle it should the actual coronavirus infiltrate your body. 

  • The Delta Variant 

The Delta Variant

Unfortunately for the world, the Delta variant of Covid- 19 came to be only after vaccine companies had begun developing their vaccines to battle the original Covid-19. While their proteins are similar, they're a slight difference which make the delta variant much more vicious than the virus we knew last year. 

However, judging by what we having on our hands rights now, the regular vaccine is our only form of defence. 


  • The vaccine works fine and well against battling Covid-19, but what does having an immunity against the coronavirus mean for the rest of your body? 

The simple answer to this question is that no one quite knowns what long term side effects this vaccine may have. Different kinds of this vaccine are flying all across the world and are being developed at a very rapid. Of course this rapidity is due to the desperate situation we are all in but nevertheless that does not mean that it is not frightening. 

Many tests have been conducted with both vaccinated individual and also unvaccinated individuals to test such side effects. 

One major concern is what repercussions the vaccine may have on human fertility. 

  • Fertility and the vaccine

 Both male and female fertility can sometimes be a very fragile component especially when faced with eternal stimuli. Many external factors effect fertility in both men and women. Alcohol, smoking, the type of exercise you get, all these things effect fertility- that is, they reduce levels of fertility in both men and women, decreasing the chance of getting pregnant and having children. 

  • Who is not to say that vaccines too many have a similar effect on fertility? 

No one can say for sure what the true effect the vaccine would have on fertility in the long term. It is impossible to know. As of now, studies have only been done in regards to the short term effects, quite obviously, and most of these have been done on men’s fertility. It is much harder to do such a study on women’s fertility because, as it is, women’s fertility can only be judged by the number of ova in the ovaries and it is impossible to count them, being inside the body. On the other hand, men’s fertility can easily be determined by simply taking a semen sample, which ideally should contain millions of sperm. However, even if they have tested the number of sperm in a semen sample, true fertility in a male can only be identified by investigating the amount of sperm that is actually alive and mobile, which has energy enough to fertilise an ovum from a female. 

  • How can we stay safe? 

At a time like this, with so much uncertainty around, it is crucial that we do everything we can to protect ourselves- even more so, if it means that we have to protect ourselves to make way for a new generation to be born. Protecting the fertility of our current generation is extremely vital and despite not knowing what the true, long-term side effects of the vaccine may be, there is nothing stopping us from taking precautions to avoid any unfavourable effects in the future. 

  • A great solution to the problem of fertility

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A simple cup or two of tea a day will be your greatest saviour and solace during these times of frightful uncertainty. While we are all obliged to take the vaccine to help protect ourselves from the danger of the coronavirus, it will always give you a peace of mind to know that your desire to one day have children of your own, in a world that is much safer than that of today, is protected. 

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See more details on – (WHO) (Department of Health, Australia) (USA) 

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