Baby Teething Magic Tea

Does your baby suffer from Teething?

Here is some tips to help you know if your baby has a teething problem:

  • More biting - Teething infants may bite on their toys or even fingers
  • Loss of appetite - Babies may lose their appetite or refuse to eat and drink because their gums hurt.
  • More drooling - As a result of excessive drooling some babies may get diarrhea, which can lead to a diaper rash.
  • Rash around the mouth area - Excessive drooling may cause a mild rash around the baby’s mouth
  • More sucking - Like biting, this symptom is a result of your baby trying to relieve the pressure from a tooth that’s about to come up from the gums.
  • Ear pulling - This may seem like an unusual baby teething symptom, but some infants may pull on their ears to help relieve the pain due to those sore gums.
  • Difficulty sleeping - Due to the discomfort from the swelling and soreness, your baby may find it difficult to sleep at night or during naptime
  • Teething fever - It's possible that a baby who is teething may have a slightly elevated body temperature

How can our Babies’ Teething Magic Tea help you?

Our Organic teething relief tea is the perfect solution for teething discomfort. No more need to numb the gums or to use harsh chemicals to treat baby teething discomfort. Baby Teething Magic Tea is an all-natural and certified USDA Organic formula that not only treats teething discomfort and pain but also helps with digestive issues caused by teething, it also helps calm the baby for a better sleep

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