7 Ways to Prep for Labor


The last couple of months in your pregnancy would essentially be the most hectic yet it is the most important time to take the necessary precautions and care. It definitely can be overwhelming and that’s why you must not hesitate to ask for all the help you need. Preparing ahead by taking steps for your body and mind can be helpful. Here are a few of the steps you can take to prepare for labor;


First and foremost being fully rested during the last couple of months of your pregnancy will not only help you feel rested and refreshed, but it will also be ensuring that once the baby is born you will be prepared for the upcoming months of sleepless nights.



It isn’t expected of you to be having a workout plan during this time yet it will help you out if you stick to a routine that makes sure that you are being active consistently. It can be swimming, walking or dancing anything that will help keep up your stamina as this will be beneficial when the time comes for you to push.



A childbirth class would be one of the crucial things you could sign up for to prepare you. You will also be able to clarify any doubts that you have and connect with new people. They cover a variety of aspects such as labor positions, relaxation and breathing techniques and also provide tips to take care of a new-born infant.



Nutrient filled meals would be very beneficial in the long run. Some of these are meats, lentils, yogurt, salmon, nuts, veggies and whole grains. Making sure your body has the necessary nutrients when you go into labour would make the process easier.


Hospital Bag

Having a hospital bag ready to go with the essentials packed up will make it a lot more convenient for when the time comes.



It is crucial that both your mind and body are at ease throughout the process. This can be done through yoga or mediation. Stretching would be another way to prepare your body for childbirth.


Secrets of tea introduces their Labor Prep tea which has been specifically incorporated with ingredients that are soothing and will keep you at ease during the days leading up to going into labor.


Ingredients (All Organic and Sanitized)

  • Organic Nettle Leaf
  • Organic Rose Hip
  • Organic Oatstraw
  • Organic Chamomile
  • Organic Stevia Leaf
  • Organic Rooibos
  • Organic Pineapple
  • Organic Raspberry
  • Orange Natural Flavour Liquid
  • Peach Natural Flavour  

They are 100% organic, non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free, halal & kosher making them undeniably healthy.


One of the essential things you must know is that you need not go through the process alone. There are plenty of people ready to help out even if you have any questions. Going into labor doubtful would only cause you to be more stressed out.


All in all, no matter how much you prepare, you can’t prepare enough as it will still be an overwhelming process. Taking the steps mentioned above will simplify and make it a bit easier for you during this time.

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